Dog Walking Rates

Kansas City Dog WalkingMaybe you have recently realized that your puppy is a bit too active for your lifestyle, yet you can’t imagine your life without him in it. Or perhaps your senior dog has packed on a bit of weight recently and needs a midday exercise routine. No need to worry. We can pop by your house while you are busily earning the big doggy bones at work and take your small or large champ out for a healthy walk. We even offer a weekly discount! Contact us today.

Rate Length of Visit Description*


15 Minutes A quick potty break. Ideal for puppies and older dogs with bladder control issues.


30 Minutes A midday walk for just about any dog.


45 Minutes A midday walk for your hyper-active pup.


1 Hour A midday walk for more active dogs. Perfect for puppies.

Our walking hours are 10:30am until 2:30pm, Monday through Friday. (Exceptions can be made.) *To ensure the safety of your dogs, there is a two dog maximum per walk.

Weekly Dog Walking Discount

 Number of Days per Week Discount

3 or more days per week

Take 10% off the total.