Pet Services

Pet Sitting

Pet Sitting in Kansas City

You have a life that, hopefully, involves time away from the grind of your job. Or, perhaps your grinding job takes you on business trips, far away from your pet. Either way (but, seriously, sorry about the latter) you want to do better for your pet than dropping them off at your local kennel before you head out of town. Scheduling a pet sitter to care for your pet is a great option to ensure that your little furry, scaly or feathery friend is comfortable and safe in their own environment while you’re away. See our rates and contact us today to schedule a meet and greet.

Dog Walking

Pet Sitting in Kansas City

Maybe you have recently realized that your puppy is a bit too active for your lifestyle, yet you can’t imagine your life without him in it. Or perhaps your senior dog has packed on a bit of weight recently and needs a midday exercise routine. No need to worry. We can pop by your house while you are busily earning the big doggy bones at work and take your small or large champ out for a healthy walk. We even offer a weekly discount! contact us today.

Pet Taxiing

Pet Sitting in Kansas City

Maybe you are in high demand at work, yet your pup is in desperate need of a groom. Or perhaps your teacup piggy (please have a teacup pig!) is due for his annual vaccinations, however you don’t know when you’ll find the time for a trip to the veterinarian. Let us handle the transport for you! We can pick your pet up, take her to her appointment and drop her off safely at home as if nothing even happened. See our pet taxiing rates here.

Home Checks

Pet Sitting in Kansas City

Perhaps you don’t have pets, however you need a trusted person to stop by your house while you are on vacation to adjust the lighting in your home, bring in the mail or maybe take the garbage out. Check out the services we can provide to keep your property safe while you’re away. See our home check rates here.


We care for pets of any shape, size, age and species

We currently provide pet sitting, dog walking, pet taxiing and home checks to the following general neighborhoods in the Kansas City metropolitan area:


Downtown Kansas City
North Kansas City
Riverside / Parkville
West Plaza
Zona Rosa


Mission Hills
Overland Park
Prairie Village
Roeland Park