Pet Taxi Rates

Pet Taxi

Please note: although this photo may be adorable, your pet will always be either harnessed or crated inside the vehicle.

Your pet’s health is important to you, why else would you be shopping for a pet taxi service at this very moment? Maybe you are in high demand at work, yet your pup is in desperate need of a groom. Or perhaps your teacup piggy (please have a teacup pig!) is due for his annual vaccinations, however you don’t know when you’ll find the time for a trip to the veterinarian. Let us handle the transportation of your pet to and from their appointment! Sounds simple, right? It is. Contact us to schedule a free consultation.

Pet Taxi Options

Rate*Description of service
$15Drop-off or pick-up.
$30Round trip.
*If waiting at a veterinarian’s office is required, then the regular pet sitting rates apply (per 15 minute increment.)