Pet Sitting Rates

You have a life that, hopefully, involves time away from the grind of your job. Or, perhaps your grinding job takes you on business trips, far away from your pet. Either way (but, seriously, sorry about the latter), you want to do better for your pet than dropping them off at your local kennel before you head out of town.

Scheduling a pet sitter to care for your pet is a great option to ensure that your little furry, scaly or feathery friend is comfortable in their own environment while you’re away.

We offer pet care visits that last anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour (and longer if you’d prefer). We provide plenty of quality time with your critters and as many updates as you’d like.

Pet Sitting in Kansas City
Rate*Length of visitDescription
$1515 minutesA quick visit for shy cats or short potty breaks for dogs.
$2030 minutesThe perfect length of visit for moderately social cats, midday
potty breaks/short walks for dogs.
$3045 minutesGreat for more involved small animal care, midday potty
break and walk for active and/or young dogs and homes
with multiple social pets.
$401 hourThe perfect option for active and/or young dogs and
homes with multiple social pets
*$15 additional charge for each 15 minute increment after the first hour.


Households with Multiple Pets

We do not charge an additional fee for the care of multiple pets. During your consultation, we will discuss how involved the collective care is for your lovely menagerie. Together, we’ll decide on the length and frequency of visits.

Cats (and most other small animals)

If you’re going on vacation, we recommend you schedule at least one visit per day. During your consultation, we will discuss how long that visit should be.

Feral Cats

Do you take care of feral cats in your neighborhood? We can continue their feeding schedules while you are out of town. If you take care of intact stray cats, please check out Spay and Neuter Kansas City’s website for their Trap-Neuter-Release program. And if you’d need it, we would be happy to help you through that very important process.


Pet sitting for your pup typically involves 3-4 pop-ins a day. During your consultation, we will discuss your dog’s routine and schedule. We’ll then work with you to develop the best pet sitting plan for your situation.