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For Rudy-Roo


We lost the world’s most perfect boy this week. Rudy-Roo, a clown of the highest order, passed away on Tuesday. He and his sister, Savannah (RIP, Fart Champ!), were some of my first clients; and I loved them both dearly.

Rudy was a special boy. He had the sweetest eyes, did the best full-body wags and laid the most persuasive guilt-trips (“How dare you leave me!”).

rudy rudy roo pitbull pittie dog

Why did my people desert me for the weekend?!

He gave “hugs,” intense ones that made you briefly fear for your life. I remember the first Rudy-Roo “hug” I received (i.e. lived through): We sat next to each other on the floor, cuddling. Next thing I know, my head is pressed against the flooring and I am suffocating from the weight of a full-grown pittie perched on my chest. Before I can register why I can’t breathe, my face is being massaged by his tongue and I don’t know who I am anymore.

I’ll miss Roo forever; there will never be another one like him. Rest in peace, buddy!

Also, I am reposting an interview I did with Rudy-Roo last year. He let me follow him around for the day as he went about his job at Pixel Lunch, LLC. His dedication to his mom’s business was unparalleled. His interview gives us a fascinating glimpse into exactly what being a “functional napaholic” entails: The Art of Napping on The Job .