I only have a couple of kitty clients who hate me. Elsa hates me best of all though. 

What A Life!

You cannot imagine how difficult Maximus’ life is. While lying on the putting green, half of his body was in the sun while the other half was in the shade. When will his suffering end? 

A Couple of Items

Jeff: “Hi, please have a seat. I’d like to talk with you about a few items that have come to my attention. 1. You do not enjoy when I trample through your sunflower garden. Yes, I see it on your face. You hate it. I’d like to say that before... Read More

Hose Attacker

He had just attacked the water from the hose so thoroughly that the water stopped spraying him in the face. Badass! 

Phryne’s Plans

It’s Phryne’s first time at home alone. She’s plotting a coup, sharpening her claws and strategizing how to ramp up Whiskas Temptations’ factory production after humanity has been successfully exterminated. Thankfully, her person returns tonight.