WARNING: Busy Paws, LLC accepts no responsibility for the irrevocable trance-like state this gif of a rapidly blinking Ollie may induce. Busy Paws, LLC has no affiliation with the “Church of Ollie” or the campaigns, “Ollie for President” or “ Ollie for Mayor of KC,” which are just a few of the many known movements supported... Read More


This cartoon kitty wears an early 19th century, metal diving helmet. One is to presume that the underwater gear allows him to safely deep sea dive for fresh and delicious shrimp. However, what is — at first glance — a silly drawing, quickly becomes a twisted tale involving obsolete scuba... Read More

Merry Holidays!

Season’s greetings, happy holidays, merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, merry-whichever-one-of-the-various-traditions-you-celebrate, etc. from Busy Paws, LLC! The bad news: Ollie lost his will to live after I slipped this Santa hat on his poor, trusting head. The good news: his emotional numbness made his recent photoshoot with Jason Shoemaker Photography a great success. So please prepare... Read More

Farewell, Thomas

Last week, surrounded by his adoring family, Thomas passed away. He was the most handsome kitty I have ever met. At this time, I must apologize to Tiger, Peaches, Kirby, Pete, Abby, Socks, Boots, the scores of Ziggys, Cleos, Callies and Sams and countless other gorgeous cats I may have... Read More