The Art of Napping on The Job

Rudy-Roo excels in his role as Pixel Lunch, LLC’s Director of Public Relations; however his stellar job performance would simply not be possible without his full-time commitment to catching vital Zs while on the clock — whenever, wherever and however possible. The always-professional Rudy boasts an unparalleled devotion to and encyclopedic knowledge of naps, catnaps, snoozes, a bit of... Read More

Ollie’s Porcelain Preference

When you return home after a nice jog around your neighborhood, always Always ALWAYS bypass the fresh bowl of water on the kitchen floor as you make a hurried, well-rehearsed beeline toward the porcelain bowl on the other side of the house. You’ll find the water there to be perfectly... Read More

How I Was Slapped into Next Week

I’m writing from the future. That’s right. I didn’t think time travel was a possibility either — at least, not yet — but here we are. Me, future. You, past or present? I’m very confused and frightened about all of this and have a killer headache to boot. As far... Read More

Air Guitar World Champ of Our Hearts

Let’s go back to a time when this world was graced by the beauty of Thomas, a ragdoll kitty cat.   Thomas had mad skills. He had a natural gift for playing air guitar and would have no doubt dominated the Air Guitar World Championships in 2014 and beyond, had he... Read More

Refer A Friend, Earn A Free Visit

Mr. Jeffrey Dee certainly experiences thoughts. Now to be fair, his thoughts are usually mind-numbingly surface-level and hover safely somewhere in the following realms: treats, patrolling the yard to ensure it remains squirrel-free and dilly-dallying on walks. Once in a while though, a thought bounces around in that thick ol’ noggin of his and gains some momentum.... Read More

Testimonials, Please!

Eek! Our “Testimonials” page looks bare — AKA: quite frankly, pathetic — and that needs to change ASAP. We’d like to add a few more blurbs to the page from current clients. The testimonials should give potential clients — who could be perusing this site while stuffing their faces on their lunch breaks or even sitting... Read More

Meet Jeffrey, Scheduler

  As he is famous for saying, “I am passionate about three things: 1. Precisely excising squeakers from toys. 2. Breaking into the room that houses the cats’ litter box and going to town on the treasures buried just below its grainy surface. And 3. Making schedules.” As a Scheduler,... Read More

Meet Marlon, Director of Client Satisfaction

  He uses his beauty and charm, but mostly his beauty, to twinkle-toe his way into everyone’s heart. He responds best to showers of compliments and full-body rubdowns that confirm, without any doubt, he is indeed beautiful. When he isn’t napping, eating, barking or chasing squirrels in the backyard, he... Read More

Meet Newtie, Administrative Assistant

  He flutters around the office in the world’s most perfect body, stopping periodically to eat, nap or overhear whispers of the latest gossip. He is a klutz of the highest order who misjudges the distance between furniture regularly, faceplants on the stairs often and is absolutely terrible at his... Read More


WARNING: Busy Paws, LLC accepts no responsibility for the irrevocable trance-like state this gif of a rapidly blinking Ollie may induce. Busy Paws, LLC has no affiliation with the “Church of Ollie” or the campaigns, “Ollie for President” or “ Ollie for Mayor of KC,” which are just a few of the many known movements supported... Read More