Little Lou’s Burglar Adventure

As it turns out, Louie — a come-to-life teddy bear — is a crime fighting puppy. Late one night, little Lou awoke to the sound of something rummaging in his home. He feared the neighbor dog had finally followed through on his promise to eat all of Louie’s treats as he slept, so he barked it up: “Hey, don’t... Read More


We live in a country where a creature such as this can be loved, pampered and escorted to the groomer on a weekly basis in order maintain his beauty. And where a business such as Busy Paws, LLC​ can exist and thrive, as there is a great need for such... Read More

Marlon Enters His Pre-Dotage

Marlon, Director of Client Satisfaction, went on about his day, barking, eating, playing and having zero clue that his birth mom pushed his sweet cairn terrier body out of her womb — likely in the midst of some sort of puppy mill situation — 11 years ago today. He was assigned to... Read More

Ollie’s Bad at Catch (with Video Evidence)

Ollie’s bad at catch and that’s a fact we must all accept. I know, it’s difficult to give up on our dreams for Ollie’s future, but we need to face reality: He’s never going to play All-American Frisbee. Those are our hopes for Ollie’s future, but they’re not his. He’s great at many other things; for... Read More

Francie And Ellie of The Clouds

Late last year — way up in the atmosphere — two tiny puffs of vapor twirled as they wafted through the sky, commingling from time to time. As they danced above our heads, their particles multiplied and configured into the most darling of shapes. Soon the vapor crystalized and took the form of two... Read More

Coco Learns How to Operate Her Bod

Leg coordination is a difficult task to master for a four-month-old puppy. In this video, you can see Coco’s bewilderment as she reaches up with her front right paw, yet her back right leg takes her by surprise when it gets mixed up in the action. Her neurons are certainly firing on all cylinders!

You’ve Gotta Work Hard to Look This Good

There’s no denying it, Finnegan looks good. But his good looks do not come easy; he works for it, every-single-day. Weekday? Weekend? It doesn’t matter; Finnegan keeps his bod in top-notch shape each and every day. I recently followed Finn around his house to get the skinny on his healthy regimen. He showed me a... Read More