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This cartoon kitty wears an early 19th century, metal diving helmet. One is to presume that the underwater gear allows him to safely deep sea dive for fresh and delicious shrimp.

Tubby, declawed fool.

Tubby, declawed fool.

However, what is — at first glance — a silly drawing, quickly becomes a twisted tale involving obsolete scuba equipment, a poorly-conceived, one-track plan and a probable drowning.

Within mere moments, a viewer of this Whiskas Temptations cat snack package begins to worry about the lack of an illustrated air tank or, at the very least, an air hose playfully leading off the packaging — or perhaps continuing around the back of the package and into a boat, where we’d find another cat pal monitoring Diving-kitty’s air supply. Boat-kitty would be depicted as rubbing his paws together and licking his lips at the thought of the seafood bounty just below the surface — to suggest that this fishing expedition won’t be the feline’s last.

One can suspend disbelief for only so long before the sheer weight and bulkiness of an antique diving helmet sitting upon a cat’s delicate frame sinks into the gruesome reality: death is sure to pounce on this ill-prepared kitty cat.

Rest in peace, you tubby, declawed fool in search of your final seafood gorge. Your cruel struggle shall not be forgotten.

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