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Farewell, Thomas


Farewell, Thomas

Last week, surrounded by his adoring family, Thomas passed away.

He was the most handsome kitty I have ever met. At this time, I must apologize to Tiger, Peaches, Kirby, Pete, Abby, Socks, Boots, the scores of Ziggys, Cleos, Callies and Sams and countless other gorgeous cats I may have deemed “the most handsome kitty ever”. I don’t like to think that I was lying to all of the others, it’s just that Thomas’ beauty existed on an entirely separate plane of reality and no other feline could possibly compete.

He was of the Ragdoll variety: Grey and white, with cotton ball feet and mesmerizing wisps all over his body.

He was a sweet dream of a kitty cat: Handsome, loving and bossy.

I feel lucky to have met Thomas several months ago. His family arranged for me to pop by their home a few of times per day to check on him while they were out-of-town. They had concerns about him, as a recent check-up revealed that the cardiomyopathy he had been diagnosed with years ago had suddenly become gravely serious. At any moment, a blood clot was expected to break free from his sluggishly pumping heart, lodge in his descending aorta and paralyze him. Without medical intervention, his death would be slow and agonizing. His family wanted to ensure that, whenever the time came, he would not suffer. And last week, they were able to realize that goal.

Thomas was fortunate to have had a beautiful life, in a home he shared with people who doted on and cherished him until his final moment. I only wish that every pet could be as well loved and appreciated.

Here’s to Thomas and to all of our beloved pets who have passed.

Here’s to the cycle of joy and grief that opening our hearts to those little creatures entails.

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