Elsa Can Handle It Alone

Elsa wonders why her servant hired some stupid dum-dum idiot human thing to “take care” of her while he skipped town. She believes she’s 100% capable of keeping herself alive until her guy returns. 

He Has A Problem

Who among us hasn’t vacuumed up bunny nuggets on a daily basis as if our life depended on it, then harbored worms in our intestinal tract? 

Kacie’s Shadow

Do you think we will ever see the blue sky again? I don’t remember what sunlight is. We only have photos of what life was like when shadows existed. 

Drama Queen

“My human abandoned me. I am alone. Please leave and let me suffer in solitude.” – Peroni. 

Rest In Peace, Ben

Ben passed away on Friday. He had a super-sized personality and an extra-large beagle bod to support it. Please keep his person in your thoughts, as he meant the world to her. 

A Stunner in The Making

Max is in that awkward stage where he’s still a little baby, but — every once in a while — we get a glimpse of his blossomed adult self. He’s gonna be a real stunner!